8 Ways Youtube Can Increase Your Client Leads

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Are you using YouTube as a tool for your business? If not, you should be! YouTube provides an excellent way for you to increase client leads and allows you to reach more people than you would with other forms of marketing. Still not convinced? Here are the ways YouTube can increase your client leads! 

Create the Perfect Content 

Similar to your website content, you need to make sure that you are creating content that your viewers will want to see. This not only includes staying relevant (see below) but also means that you should be taking all things into consideration. What’s your niche? What do your clients respond best to? How can you bring value to their lives? Think about these things when you’re creating a YouTube content calendar

Make Sure Your Channel is Optimized 

If you want to increase leads with YouTube, make sure that you’ve optimized your channel. The channel name and description should reflect your business and should make it easy for your potential clients to know who and what they’re watching on the channel. By taking some time to optimize your channel like you optimize your site, you’ll be more likely to reach those clients. It’s a good idea to include key phrases and helpful information in your about section as well as any video descriptions you have! 

Connect With Your Audience 

People will be more likely to see you as valuable when you make a real human connection with them. Instead of just talking at them in your YouTube videos, make ways for them to get involved and, of course, always make yourself seem like a real person. Sprinkle your videos with anecdotes and real-life scenarios. Potential clients will be far more likely to choose you over another company that doesn’t have much of a personality.

Grow Your Channel 

Reach more people by growing your following. The larger your YouTube channel, the more opportunity you’ll have to get in front of potential clients. Even if you’re not planning on making YouTube your biggest referral source, you should take some time to grow your audience. 

Keep it Relevant 

Relevant content is essential whether you’re doing it through video or in print. Your viewers don’t want to see you offering holiday shopping tips when it’s July and they’re planning their family vacation. Instead, make sure that you are timely and relevant with the videos that you put out. This is the type of content that people want to see and it’s what will keep them coming back to your channel. The more people return to your channel and refer others to your YouTube, the more exposure you’re going to get.

Partner Up With Influencers 

The game of working with influencers can be tricky and you need to make sure that you’re not getting the short end of the stick when you work with them. But, if you can find an influencer who can provide you with a fair trade, take that opportunity! Try to avoid paying influencers with cash. Instead, offer them a free product or service in exchange for a review or a shoutout of your business! Make sure that the freebie you’re giving to the influencer is in line with the amount of exposure that they’re going to give you! 

Encourage Engagement 

It may seem obnoxious, it might even be a littly scary, but you need to encourage engagement on your YouTube channel. Asking someone to subscribe to your channel or like your videos can be difficult the first time you do it, but keep in mind that even the biggest YouTubers are asking people to smash that bell and follow them. It’s also a good idea to drive engagement by including a call to action in your video. For example, if you’re talking about your favorite parenting hacks, ask your viewers to drop theirs in the comments. Or, if you’re talking about saving money, encourage those watching to leave their favorite money-saving tip! People love to talk about themselves and this open invitation to do so your comments will drive engagement and increase leads with YouTube.

Don’t Pay for Ads 

In general, it’s a good idea to avoid paying for ads. From Facebook to Google and also YouTube, you might want to save your money for other forms of marketing. Paying for ads on YouTube — like on other social media channels — can be risky. Unless you have a lot of marketing money to spare, save it for other ways to reach more clients! 

There are so many ways that you can increase client leads with YouTube. It’s similar to other social media channels in that it allows you to make a personal connection but it’s also a way for you to cultivate those relationships with your viewers! Grow your YouTube, reach more people, and you’ll see your client leads increase! 

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