Email Marketing: Why Your Women-Owned Business Needs It, Now!

Email Marketing: Why Your Women-Owned Business Needs It, Now!

The average person checks their email about 15 times a day. That’s a significant number, and it means that if your content isn’t making it into inboxes, you’re missing out big time. If that isn’t enough to persuade you email marketing for small business is critial (though it should be!), read on for more reasons and tips on how to do it right. 

Email Marketing for Small Business

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, and email marketing is a fantastic way to help yours outshine the competition. Many business owners fall into the mental trap of thinking that social media has completely outpaced email, but that simply isn’t true. 

Email marketing is a tried and true method that won’t have you wasting your marketing budget. Social media is important, too, but can’t replace a solid email marketing strategy. 

Consumers today want to do business with businesses they trust. Email marketing gives you the chance to build credibility for your brand by sharing content that is free, helpful, and informative. 

Emails can also help you generate more calls. If a customer enjoys the content you provide in your emails, they’ll be much more likely to decide that you are the right business to meet their needs, which will lead them to give you a call. 

Nonprofits can benefit from email marketing strategies as well. Fundraising has found its home online, and email is a great way to engage with potential donors. The key here is not to spam your email list so they know that when you send an email or make an ask, it’s for something truly important. 

Strengthen Relationships with Existing Clients

Just as email marketing is a great way to introduce yourself and your brand, it’s extremely useful in strengthening and maintaining relationships as well. Email is an effective tool to communicate with your existing customers, help you stay top-of-mind, and keep up customer engagement even during your slower season. 

This all serves to strengthen brand recognition as well: the more often new and potential customers see that you send quality content, the more easily they’ll recognize you as a quality brand. 

Track Your Metrics

Yet another benefit of email marketing strategies for newer women business owners is its ability to flatten your learning curve. Using email marketing allows you to backtrack and see which of your customers clicked on which links. This lets you learn how customers are interacting with your content and gives you a better understanding of your customer base. 

If you’re a woman business owner who’s new to email marketing, you have your pick of software to help you get your campaign off the ground. If you choose to use email marketing software, you’ll have ample access to tools and support to make sure your marketing is as effective as possible. You’ll have a team ready to support you if you get stuck, which can help make your email marketing a success. 

Reach Your Clients When It’s Convenient: For You and For Them!

Let’s revisit the important number at the beginning of this blog: 15. That’s the number of times the average person checks their email in a day. Now, a fraction: two thirds. Two-thirds of those 15 email checks are done on a mobile device such as a smartphone. Email is mobile-friendly, so your customers can read yours from anywhere. This is a big deal: it expands your reach and makes it easier for customers to give you a call after they’ve read your email. After all, they’re already on their phones! 

Email marketing strikes a balance between effortless for you and professional-looking for your customers. It’s no secret that women business owners are busy – email marketing can let you be a little less so. You have the option to schedule automatic emails and to use email templates created by design pros. 

Email marketing also lets you organize your customers into different lists based on their interests, purchase behavior, and location, among other factors. This means you can take a more personalized approach to your marketing and make sure your content is relevant for each of your customers. 

Running a women-owned business, or any small business for that matter, can be frustrating if you feel like you aren’t seeing your desired results. Email marketing can help. It’s easy to track how your email marketing strategies are performing in real-time and make any adjustments needed quickly and efficiently. You can then see how those changes help or hurt and make sure your results are up to snuff. 

Bear in mind that not everyone who signs up to receive your emails is ready to make a purchase right away. But that’s okay! Your brand was interesting enough for them to want to hear more from you, which means they’ll probably want to buy from you in the future. A quality email marketing campaign lets you nudge these leads in the right direction with interesting, informative content. 

Email Marketing for Small Business: Critical For Success!

Your women-owned business needs email marketing, and it needs it yesterday! Don’t waste any more of your time or marketing budget on strategies that don’t work. Invest in email, and watch your small business grow. 


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