Facebook Business Page: Dos and Don’ts

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Facebook is just one of the many social media platforms you can choose from, but it’s one of the most widely known and arguably the best for growing businesses. While your Facebook profile is fun for engaging with family and friends, a business Facebook page is critical for keeping in touch with fans, clients, and potential customers. But, whether you are using it to add a layer of social proof to your business or for engaging your ideal clients, make sure it’s done right. Consider the following Facebook business page dos and don’ts.

Do Brand Your Page

Even though branding your Facebook business page is vital to big businesses and corporations, brand awareness is just as important for small and mom-owned businesses. No matter what type of business you’re running, it’s important to make sure your brand is visible and apparent on your Facebook page.

The easiest way to brand-ify your page is to make your cover photo or your page photo a picture of your logo. At the very least, you should put something with your business name or show a popular product. If you are the face of the business, include a photo of you but, if not, stick to the company name, logo, and branded images.

Don’t Forget Images

Perhaps one of the most important Facebook page don’ts (and dos) is the use of images. People love visuals and respond well to Facebook posts that include images. Consider including a photo of your products, your business, or the subject you’re talking about.

You may consider using a service like Canva to come up with beautiful graphics. The program makes it possible for even those with a terrible eye for design to come up with rich and engaging graphics. Plus, it’s a quick solution if you’re a mom and new business owner (read: strapped for time). And, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire someone to do it for you! Whatever you choose, make sure your colors and branding are consistent across all of the images you post.

Do Post Consistently

Don’t let your fans forget about you! Consistent content keeps your audience engaged and will help your business page stay active in Facebook’s picky algorithm. By posting frequently, you’ll show up more often in your fans’ newsfeeds and that will help raise your Facebook reputation.

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Don’t Post Meaningless Content

Even though publishing content is incredibly important when it comes to your Facebook dos and don’ts, posting content that is meaningless will not only bring down your brand reputation but will also make your company look unprofessional. As a business, it’s necessary to screen any content that you or others share on your page.

Focus on only putting the content you know is going to appeal to (and serve) your audience on your page. If you keep this focus, you’ll have a better chance of reaching and engaging your ideal clients.

Do Market to Your Ideal Client

As with any form of marketing, you need to know who you are speaking to – that is, your ideal client avatar. Each and every post you create should have that single person in mind. Sure, you might reach others in the meantime, but if you aren’t speaking to a specific person, it’ll be confusing as to who you (and your business) serve.

Before you begin posting, take the time to consider who you serve and why. With that information in hand, you’ll be able to speak directly to the pain point of your potential client and (hopefully!) they’ll engage your services.

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Do Use Your Keywords

Any time you’re trying to target keywords for your business, it’s important to have them connected with your business in every way possible. One of the most important ways you can do this is by using your keywords on several different platforms. Even if you’ve optimized your website with the best keywords (you’ve done this, right???), it’s time to start using them for your Facebook business page as well.

Make sure you include your best keywords in the “about” section and in your page description. It’s also important to naturally include those keywords in posts you make. The key is to keep it natural and avoid using those words too many times or writing Facebook copy that’s too wordy.

In the words of Donald Miller, “When you confuse, you lose”. Don’t make that mistake when it comes to your Facebook copy.

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Don’t Try to Tackle It All

While this applies across all social media channels, it becomes even more important when running a Facebook page. If you are just starting out, it’s important to choose one or two social media platforms and stick to those instead of trying to become a master of all of them.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to manage your Facebook business page or want to take on all the things at once, then why not call in the professionals. By allowing someone else to take on those tasks, you’ll not only have the recommendation of someone who knows what they are doing, but you’ll be able to spend time taking care of the aspects of your business you love.

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