Gain Visibility Online with this Often Overlooked Strategy

Gain Visibility Online with this Often Overlooked Strategy

You’ve spent time honing your craft, have the perfect offering, but you struggle to get it into the hands of those that need it most. So, you feel the need to do all the things, and still no one sees you online. Sometimes the problem is that we overthink it and neglect some of the simplest and cost effective ways to connect with our ideal audience. Today, I’m talking about one free online advertising opportunity many business owners overlook.

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Free Online Advertising Opportunity for Increasing Visibility

You are likely part of at least one group online, whether that’s on Facebook or another social media platform. You watch the success of others, but may hesitate to interact yourself.  Today that changes.

Welcome Posts

One of the best (and often neglected) ways to gain more visibility online is to promote yourself in groups. Now, not all groups allow for this but, if you join a business or industry specific group, more often than not there will at least be a welcome post.

For example, here’s one that from my own group:

Below that graphic is the introductions of many of our new (and old) group members, explaining who they are and what their business is.

This is a MUST do. Seriously – if you’ve joined a group and they offer you the place to put a FREE advertisement for your business – make sure you are using it. The best part of this is that everyone gets to see your post and often those posts stay alive for the life of the group. AND you can reach out to others on the thread to connect with them – because the best kind of marketing is the relationship-building kind.

Promo Posts

Now, another great part of being part of business groups – networking or otherwise – is that many not only have that welcome post, but they provide weekly PROMO posts. These are specific threads that you can promote your business each week or month within the group. Once again, there’s ABSOLUTELY NO REASON not to use this space.

If you know a promo post happens every month in a certain group, then schedule it into your calendar. It’ll take 5 minutes (plus another 5 for you to connect with a few others in the group) and will increase your visibility online and connect you with more of your ideal clients – especially if you know what you’ll say ahead of time.

But, What Do I Say?

So, what do you say in these posts? One of the things that holds people back from doing this is that they don’t know what to say. And that’s why I’m offering a free resource to help you determine exactly what to say in these groups to get the best ROI. (Grab it HERE.)

But, I want to give you a quick overview right now and you can grab that resource to walk you through a few other details.

The easiest way to do this is to fill in the blanks:

Note: There’s a reason to keep it short. People tend to scroll through these posts and skim them. Give them what they need to know quickly.

Mine reads like this:

Simple, right?

Then, depending on what I want from the group, I’ll post the link to my website or my Facebook group. Some way for people to get in contact with me if they want to learn more.

In a group that specifically prohibits links – I might say something along the line of “feel free to DM me for more information”.

Grab the FREE Resource for more success tips!

How Will You Promote Yourself?

Scrolling past the welcome and promo posts in a group is akin to saying that you don’t want any additional recognition for your business online. If that’s true – then keep on scrolling. If, however, you do want to increase your visibility online and attract more of your ideal clients, it’s time to pay attention. Set a reminder in your phone and look for those posts!

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