The Top 10 Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

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With the holidays fast approaching, I don’t need to tell you to get your Christmas shopping started. Sure, you have a gift idea for mom and dad, a list from your kids, a card to mail to your brother, and a few odds and ends for co-workers and friends, but what about that elusive entrepreneur? You know, the one that’s always thinking about work and can’t wait to tell you about her next big idea? While you might be tempted to go with the traditional coffee mug or pair of warm fuzzy socks, consider the following 10 gift ideas for entrepreneurs that will make their day really special.

1. Planner

If the entrepreneur in your life is always making notes in their planner or notebook, this is the perfect gift. After all, with all of those business details to keep straight, it’s imperative they stay organized. My personal favorites include the Cultivate what Matters Planner and Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Goal Planner.

Pro tip: It might be tempting to schedule in time with you, but for the avid planner user, that’s a no-no. Instead, include some sticky notes throughout with a few suggestions for activities the two of you might do together. When she sees it, she’ll be apt to schedule you in!

2. Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

Maybe it’s just me, but I always get my biggest life-changing ideas when I’m in the shower. If you are looking for a truly unique (and inexpensive) option for the entrepreneur in your life you might consider these waterproof notepads. In fact, you might be so curious you need to purchase a set or two for everyone on your list.

3. Self-Care Items

Who doesn’t love a free massage or a gift card to a local spa? If you are stumped when it comes to what to get a special entrepreneur in your life, consider something self-care related. In fact, why not get a manicure and pedicure package for yourself as well so the two of you can spend time together. After all, when we take that time away to take care of ourselves, we come back recharged and ready to face whatever the world throws at us.

4. Favorite Drink

If the entrepreneur you know has a favorite beverage, why not help them stock up? For the coffee lover, consider a pound or two of their favorite blend, some chocolate covered espresso beans, and a custom-designed mug she can use on a daily basis. If she’s a Coca-Cola drinker, you might consider wrapping a case and including a box of straws to go along. Don’t worry – she’ll be excited each time she opens the fridge and enjoys one of those cold bubbly beverages.

5. Portable Standing Desk

Not all of us have the luxury of having a treadmill under our desks, but all of us can make a standing desk work. Whether that entrepreneur is stuck in a cubicle, working at her kitchen table or enjoys a co-working space, standing desks are available in many shapes and sizes. I recently purchased the Realspace Magellan Sit-Stand Desk and I have to say – it’s been amazing. Not only do I spend my entire days standing, but I’m much more productive!

6. Audible Subscription

If your favorite entrepreneur is anything like me, she loves to listen to all things business-related. The best way to do so is through Audible which is one of my favorite gift ideas for entrepreneurs. Not only can she absorb the knowledge she needs, but she can do so while getting that much-needed exercise. Don’t want to spring for the subscription? A gift card for that purpose will do the trick!

7. Bluetooth Headphones

Of course, if that entrepreneur loves listening to music, spends a lot of time on conference calls or constantly has a podcast in their ears, then you might want to consider stepping up your gift game. While Bluetooth headphones don’t come cheap, they will make a world of difference for that entrepreneur that no longer has to fight the headphone cord as she digs frantically for the notes she took last week. Of course, the only drawback to this is that if her phone ends up covered up by papers…then it could be a while before she returns that urgent text message you sent.

8. Workout Items

When it comes to releasing the tension and stress of an entrepreneur, exercise is critical. Of course, it depends on the entrepreneur, but if working out is even a small part of their life, a set of exercise bands, a fancy water bottle, or a new workout DVD might be just the thing. For the entrepreneur on the go, pick items that are easily toted from one place to the other and don’t weigh too much.

9. A Great Read

Now, I know I already mentioned the audiobooks, but if you want something you can wrap, I’m offering a few of my favorites for you to choose from.

Each of these books has made a huge difference in the way I think about and run my business and I’m certain they will do the same for the entrepreneur that you love.

10. Amazon Echo Dot

My husband bought me an Echo Dot last year at this time and let me tell you – it’s made a huge difference. In fact, it’s hard to get in the car now and not be able to ask Alexa to change the song. I use my Dot to play music, keep track of grocery lists, set alarms to remind me of upcoming meetings and even request timers so I know when I’ve spent too long on a task. Grab one today for that entrepreneur in your life.

Gifts for Your Entrepreneur

Whether you pick just one item from the list of gift ideas for entrepreneurs above or all of them, you can’t go wrong with showing the entrepreneur in your life that you care about them this holiday season. Tell me, which gift will you pick? Also – if you ARE an entrepreneur, leave us a comment with what you’d like to receive this year!

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