How to Use Social Media to Reach Your Ideal Clients

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Building relationships is important for any online or retail business. To do so you have to find an avenue that’s efficient to use and helps you make connections with your clients. Social media has the ability to help you meet and connect with clients that might not find you otherwise. The problem: it doesn’t come easy.

Use Social Media to Reach Your Ideal Clients

There are five things you need to do to reach your ideal clients for your mom business on social media. In doing so, you can build better relationships and increase your revenue.

Step 1: Get Personal

Social media is all about connection – with people. That means your followers don’t want to connect with your business, they want to connect with you.

When it comes to your business, you need to post for people, not machines. You mustcreate content for your ideal audience. And to do so, you have to think about who your ideal client is and what they would want to see from you as a mom business owner.

Know your ideal client? If so, create personalized blog posts and get serious about engagement. Ask for tips, use a poll feature, or create a call to action for your followers. And then ENGAGE with each response.

When you do, your ideal clients will start to feel like your best mom friends.

Step 2: Consider Your Platform 

Choosing a social media platform that’s right for your business can often be challenging. Many business owners consider their own personal preference. While that’s not a bad choice it can limit the reach of your business. For example:

  • Facebook creates personal connections and is great for most businesses.
  • Twitter is good if you have a broad audience or if you are in finance.
  • Instagram may be a better choice if you have a business that’s based on images, products, or visual appeal.
  • Pinterest is helpful if you have a handmade or advice-based business. Also, it may be a helpful addition to other social media channels. (I recommend Pinterest for every business, but we’ll save that topic for a later date!)

While there are other social media tools you can use, I’ve found these to be the most helpful for the clients I serve.

Step 3: Learn to Convert Traffic

When a post “converts” it leads to engagement. That means someone comments, likes, or even clicks through to your website. For social media to be successful it must convert. A simple way to do this is to have a clear call to action (CTA) at the end of each social media post. Consider what you want your clients to do and then ask them to do it.

Note: having a CTA doesn’t mean that every reader will do what’s asked of them. That’s why it’s important to keep track of what’s converting and what’s not. If you aren’t seeing results from a specific social media post type, then scrap it and try something new.

Step 4: Stay Relevant 

It’s important to connect with your clients on a personal level, but you must make sure it’s relevant. If it’s a Friday night, don’t post about Tuesday’s episode of “NCIS.” To reach your ideal mom-business clients, it’s you must make meaningful connections with them.

For example: As a mom coach, you might add a poll asking who is struggling with a certain issue. You’ll be able to curate better content when you know what your ideal client struggles with.

Step 5: Take Advantage of Hyper Targeting 

No matter which platform you choose to use, know that it’s impossible to reach everyone. Don’t even try. You’ll only back your business into a corner and end up dealing with burnout.

Connecting with people that are your ideal clients should be your goal. Begin curating your content across all platforms so that you can reach the people you want to reach. When you do, your business will seem fun again. You’ll be engaging with the people you most hope to serve.

You heard me right. Let go of all the people that aren’t YOUR ideal clients and focus on serving the people you set out to serve. Your ideal clients will more likely to engage when your social profiles meet their needs.

Be Cautious About Paid Ads

I’m going to be completely honest with you: paid ads don’t work for coaches and consultants. At least not in the early days of business. Personally, I’ve never used a paid ad and don’t plan to in the future.

In fact, I wrote an entire article on this matter. You can find it HERE.

Your Social Media Strategy

Building relationships through social media can become a chore for many business owners. If you are struggling to put your strategy together, I’d love to help. Schedule your FREE consultation today and we’ll work out a game plan to have you connected to your ideal client in no time.

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