7 Things You Should Know Before Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

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So, you’re ready to dive in to Pinterest marketing? Awesome! But, there are a few things that you should know about marketing your business on Pinterest. These range from things that will help you have a better experience and things that you should avoid. Pinterest marketing can be an incredibly helpful tool for your business so make sure you keep these things in mind before starting! 

1. Don’t Slack on Keywords 

While it may look and feel like a social media site on the surface, Pinterest is so much more than that. It is a highly developed search engine that functions similar to other search engines and provides the user with a pleasant experience similar to social media sites. Keywords on Pinterest are just as important as they are on other search engines. Make sure that you’re targeting the right keywords for the content that you’re putting out. By not optimizing your content, the title, and the description of your pins, you might not be able to reach as many people as you would with optimized content.

2. Choose Optimized Images 

Since Pinterest acts as a visual tool, optimizing your images is just as important as optimizing the content, description, and title. It’s important to make sure that you’re using the right size images, that they’re clear, and that they contain valuable information. On social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can actually be penalized for having posts and ads that are just graphics and have too many words. Pinterest is the opposite. People want to see what you have to say on your images. Use a tool like Canva to create graphics that are perfect in size and will draw your clients in.

3. Connect With Others 

You are not alone on Pinterest. It is a community and engaging with others on the platform is a great way to boost brand recognition and make it easier for people to see what you have to offer. Interact with other people and boards besides your own. Connecting with those who are in your industry and in related industries will help you grow your audience.

4. Be Consistent 

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of any marketing plan is that there needs to be consistency. Often, when we don’t see results right away, we get discouraged and stop doing whatever we were doing to market our business. This is more detrimental to your business and will make it harder for your Pinterest marketing to work. Make sure that you stay consistent with your content and the pins that you do. Consistency is one of the most frustrating but also the most important steps to marketing.

5. Optimize the Content Correctly 

While a board named “favesies” might be the perfect place to stick all of your favorite pins on your personal Pinterest account, that’s just not best practices for your business account. Make sure that your boards are clearly named. Choose things like “Favorite Blogger Tips” or “Resources for Content Marketing” as your board names as opposed to cutesy names on your business profile. (Then, go wild with the cute and clever board names on your personal Pinterest).

6. Automate Your Process

You should be pinning regularly throughout the day, but when you’re running a business, that can be difficult to do. To make things easier, you can use a social media management tool to help you automate the posting process. These tools are affordable and easy to use so that you can consistently post without social media becoming the only thing that you are focused on in your business. Choose one like Tailwind that has an incredible user interface and several different tools that will all help you toward your goals in Pinterest marketing.

7. Learn Your Traffic and Target It 

Pinterest for business includes tools that will allow you to see your traffic and focus on all the different aspects of how people are interacting with your business. Use this information and make sure that you’re actually creating the best content for your business. Once you take the time to learn what people are interacting with, put more of that content out instead of focusing on things that are not going to pay off in the long run. It can take some time to get to a point where you can really see your traffic patterns, but once you are able to see that, you can adjust your marketing strategy. The trial and error process is usually worth it to ensure you’re targeting the right traffic.

Marketing your business is the only way you’re going to get your name out there and reach your ideal client. Pinterest is one way to do it, but you don’t want to leave it to chance. Get more tips and helpful information about actually making money online here.


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