5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Website (ASAP!!!)

5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Website (ASAP!!!)

Designing a website is a big project. All the hard work that went into picking colors and fonts, choosing a template, and installing the needed plugins pays off when you start to see traffic increase and consistent revenue streams. But, much like the house you live in, your website needs regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s something you need to nurture and continually work with to keep it up to date. So give it some love by considering the following five reasons you need to update your website.


Getting your ideal client to your website takes work. You’ve posted to social media platforms, focused on search engine optimization, created your own mom-style group, or put your business card directly in the hand of someone that needed it. So, when they do finally make it to your site, you don’t want them turned off by how slow your pages are to load.

We’ve all been on the user end of a slow website. You know – the one that has you wondering if your internet router just died and clicking the refresh button a million times in hopes it’ll work faster.

That’s not the experience you want your prospective clients to have. That’s why it’s critical to check your site speed frequently.

And – chances are, if your speed’s too slow, you’ll be able to make some quick and easy changes to fix the situation, including:

  • Resizing images and files.
  • Eliminating unnecessary or unused plugins.
  • Increasing your site’s bandwidth.

One of your goals is to sustain yourself and support your family, right? Don’t lose much-needed income because of a slow site. Check your speed frequently and make any needed adjustments.


I don’t know about you but, the longer I’m in business the more focused my offer becomes. As time passes, I start to notice what my clients REALLY need and begin to drop the things they don’t. Chances are it’s the same for you. But…just because your offer has changed, doesn’t mean that’s reflected in your copy.

Take the time to ask yourself: Does my website content clearly state who I serve and how I serve them?

Each quarter set aside some time to go back through all of the content on your website:

  • Are you still offering that product special you offered three months ago?
  • Is your list of service offerings still up-to-date?
  • Has your pricing changed?

Make changes so that your ideal client can find you and EXACTLY what they need to solve their problem – whatever it is.

Visual Appeal

Shag carpet in avocado green was popular in the 70s. In fact, if you had that style in your home, you were probably the envy of many. And yet…now we see that style and cringe. It’s not popular now and it doesn’t make anyone want to purchase.

The same idea rings true for your website. What might have been “popular” at one point, will lose its appeal after some time.

Look at your website design from the angle of your ideal client:

  • Does it feel dated?
  • Are there parts of it that are no longer useful?
  • Are you missing anything?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to make some adjustments. At some point your site might need a full overhaul, but most of the time, a small fix or two will make it feel fresh and appealing.


Much like the visual appeal that can make your site feel dated, you also want to verify that it’s relevant to the current times. This is true with any form of marketing – if you aren’t addressing the current issues, you aren’t going to be relevant.

For those of us in the U.S., we can use March 2020 as an example. We went from a nation proceeding as “normal” to shutdowns and quarantines within days. And our entire focus changed.

Now, instead of wanting to purchase clothing we could wear outside the house to business meetings, we were ordering boxes of yoga pants and baggy sweatshirts to cover up the weight gain.

The market shifted. The needs shifted. And the businesses that succeeded shifted to accommodate the times.

All this to say that your website content needs to be relevant. If you are writing blog posts on a certain topic that’s been drastically changed since you wrote the original – make updates. If your company has new policies in place to protect the masses – make updates.

The fastest way to lose your space in the marketplace is to become irrelevant.


Of course, an updated website with clear and concise content is only good if people are finding you. Among one of the most important reasons to update your website: you want search engines sending traffic your way, and to do that, you have to employ (and then review) your SEO tactics.

My suggestion: take some time every six to 12 months to review your analytics. Look at which blog posts and pages are getting the most traffic and which ones aren’t. It just might be time to do a little extra keyword research and update those low traffic generating pages.

Your Reasons to Update Your Website

Updating your website shouldn’t feel like a chore. In my case, I update my website because I know that it’s going to bring in better returns – for my clients and for me. When potential clients know exactly what I provide and how I can help them, they engage my services, get more clients themselves, and make more money. That’s a win for all.

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