5 Reasons Your Ideal Clients Choose Your Competitors Over You

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There’s nothing worse than talking to a potential ideal client for your mom-owned business one day, only to open up your email the next to a notification that they went with the other guy. This is especially true when you know for a fact that you provide a better service. If your ideal clients go to competitors of yours regularly, there’s likely a few reasons.

Reason #1: They don’t know your value

You know the value you provide your clients, but do they?

We’ve all been there at one point or another.

It’s extremely important that your ideal clients know what the value of your services is. Clients can choose any company or consultant they want to, so to be sure that you stand out as the best mom business, you need to make sure that they see value in everything you’re offering.

If you fail to show your clients the value you’re giving them, they will choose a competitor that does. Of course, there are those few clients that will base their choice on price, but most people want to see the value they are receiving for the money they are investing.

When your potential clients know what your value is they won’t want to consider an alternative.

Reason #2: They don’t see you as an expert

No matter how much of an expert you know you are, your clients might not realize it. You must take steps to market yourself as an expert in your industry. Take the time to make it very clear to clients upfront that you’re the best at what you do. Do they see you as a mom who’s picked up this “business” as a hobby or an industry professional who is serious about their work?

When you position yourself as the expert in the industry and as someone with a lot of experience, your clients will be able to see that they are getting someone who not only knows what they’re talking about but also someone who can provide them with a premium service.

If your clients find a competitor who has positioned themselves as an expert, they will likely choose them over you.

Reason #3: You may have chosen the wrong ICA

What if your ideal client isn’t actually your ideal client? I’ve seen this with so many moms who are getting started. They think they know who their product or service is designed for, only to find out that they’ve been marketing to the wrong people all along.

No matter what industry you are in, you must make sure you are marketing to the right people. Driving traffic to your Facebook page or your website is great – but you don’t have the right people, your efforts will be wasted.

Once you know who your true ideal client is and begin marketing with them in mind, only then will you start to see an impact on the number of client leads and income you receive. Your potential clients won’t be able to live without your services because they’ll be designed just for them!

Reason #4: Your ideal clients can’t relate

A key reason why clients choose your service over the competition is that they feel they can relate to you and your brand’s mission. Find something that will allow you to connect with your clients on a deeper level and that will allow them to choose you as their professional. If they are able to connect with your competitors instead of you, they will choose the competition.

It’s important to focus on what you can do and the opportunities you can provide them, but it’s more important to make a valuable emotional connection with the clients.

A great way to do this is to get personal with clients. Instead of just focusing strictly on business, you can make a connection on a more personal level with them. Not only will this allow you to show them that you care about them instead of just seeing them as someone who wants their money but it will also make you more valuable to them.

In my case, I provide organic marketing services to coaches and consultants. But…so do a lot of people.

My personal connection? I help mom entrepreneurs get recognized in their industries, get more clients (because we all want that, right?) and make more money because of it.

My clients could go find another marketing agency, but they know when they talk to me that my team will go above and beyond to make sure they achieve their goals.

Reason #5: Your customer service is terrible

Sometimes we get so caught up in our expertise that we forget that customer service is critical. Culturally, instant gratification is king which means it’s more important than ever to focus on the user experience and offer something that’s tailored to your ideal customer.

Clients will choose a mompreneur who is focused on them over one who is not. They will do so every single time. If your ideal customer has chosen to go with one of your competitors, there’s a good chance that your competitor has provided them with a unique and ideal user experience.

Get Your Ideal Clients

Are you struggling to get recognized as an industry expert, get clients, and make more money? Have you lost ideal clients to the competition? If so, it might be time to put some new strategies in place for your mom-owned small business. I’d love to help you do just that. Reach out today for your FREE consultation and let us help you reach your big goals for this year and beyond.

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